Dedicated to Dr. Donald L. Watson


Daddy. I feel you in everything.
The mind blowing revelations that have occurred in the last year are enough to make you not think with your mind at all but spirit, and I love it. 
God has gifted you with the same ability to be close as He is close. In my breath, I feel you. Arms lifted in surrender, I feel you. Especially dancing, I feel you, as if you never left my side, as if you’re dancing with me even closer than you ever were when you were on this earth. Now, you are FULLY alive, fully living, fully breathing and living the plan God had for you all along. To be close.
The night you left this earth, God showed me you dancing up in heaven with the biggest smile. You were dancing with a young girl, maybe three or four years old. She was wide eyed, just looking up at you in complete wonder and amazement of your dance moves. She’s my daughter... you see, with God there is no time. You’re hanging out with all of your grand kids, loving on them and preparing them for what their future might be like. And boy do they love you. 
You’re closer than my breath, closer than my skin, you’re here, you’re right here. You’re closer than you appear, dancing and singing over me... walking with me throughout this life.
In the glimpse of time we have on earth. 
You know fully! You live fully! You have reached your purpose, to be with your Father, your very best friend, preparing a place for all of us. 
Thank you for teaching me your ways. For making our home a house of prayer, worship and complete surrender to Jesus. Your example I will follow. Your example I will treasure forever. I love you forever.